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The Anal Episode

The Anal Episode

The Anal Episode. Butt play gets a bad wrap but is it really something to be ashamed of? And if you're not a fan is it because it's not for you or because you haven't properly prepared yourself? From figuring out which lube to use so you're not screaming in agony to...

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The Anal Episode

The Libido Gap

The Libido Gap. It's 9pm and you're keen as a bean but your partner's having none of it. We've all been there... Be it work, hormones, health or just that you can't be bothered there's a million and one things affecting our sex drives at any given time. So what...

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The Anal Episode

Good Sex Doesn’t Have To Be Dirty

Good Sex Doesn't Have To Be Dirty. There are two types of people in the world: those who need to de-germ their entire body prior to sex, and those who are good to go any given time... even if they've just stepped off the treadmill. So is there any 'right' way to do...

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The Anal Episode

Take It Lying Down

Take It Lying Down. For such a popular sex position, missionary gets a hell of a bad rap. Boring. Vanilla. Amateur! But if we're enjoying missionary sex, is there any need to try swinging from the chandeliers? And if we do decide to venture out of our comfort zone,...

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The Anal Episode

We Know What Porn You Watch

We Know What Porn You Watch. 'Lesbian' is the #1 porn genre for Australian women, according to Pornhub. We unpack why so many of us are fired up by girl-on-girl, what it actually offers, and whether or not the act of watching it affects our sexuality. Show Notes Your...

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The Anal Episode

The Big O.

The Big O. Spasm-inducing. Mythical. Elusive. That's right, we're talking about the orgasm. Whether you're a first-timer or an aficionado, you know the feeling. Or perhaps you don't. Perhaps you've never had one. Perhaps you're not quite sure... We're deep diving on...

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The Anal Episode

Things Are About To Get Intimate

Things Are About To Get Intimate. We're going to be spending some pretty intimate time together over the coming weeks, so we thought we should get to know each other a little better. In this episode your hosts, Samantha X and Dr Lauren Rosewarne, reveal where their...

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Falling in love

I was wondering if you can give me some advice if possible? It’s about a girl that I like and she is an escort. I have been seeing her for 2 months,  we talk mainly and she does call me if she needs something like seeing a GP . I have kept distance with women all my life she is the first girl I got to be intimate with and I really like that we laugh and go for drives. Do you think if I show her how much she means to me one day she will consider being with me . I am an old fashioned guy, I want love, commitment and perhaps family one day. I know I’m asking her alot to give up her profession and be with me but I will support her and treat her like she deserves. Any advice you have I’ll be very greatful.  I do like her and waiting patiently for one day to have her with me all the time as in not by hrs. Thank you so much.

Need Advice Please

Hi Sam, I’ve been in a relationship for 2 months now and everything is going great, batting well above my average, she’s an amazing girl. Thought she was studying law at uni wich she is, but is supplementing her income escorting.
2 questions:
1. How do I deal with this, she’s an amazing girl we get along like best friends and the love I have for her is crazy. So I worry about jealousy and my insecurities with this profession.
2. Secondly I want to stay with her as I love her and she loves me but should we speak to family about this career?
I appreciate any advice, very difficult time.


Dear Sam, I want to say thank you for giving a voice to in the media to those who are rarely heard.

My girlfriend of 2 years is an escort and I love it when she dresses up for her clients and feel comfortable privately with what she does. Our relationship is the best I’ve been in – i’ve dated doctors, lawyers etc in the past and I’ve clashed as it’s been two career orientated people. Our relationship involves a complete openness which I find refreshing.

My problem is, we are planning to have a baby in the future and I want to introduce my girlfriend to my family. Any tips on how to approach it? She is 35 and i’m 33.

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